Company History

Frank’s Steaks of Jericho

Frank’s concept is to be a casual but fine dining establishment with a reputation for serving the best quality and freshest foods money can buy. At a first glance our prices may seem high, but we offer a very good value for the money because of the high quality and large portions of the foods we serve.


We have been a Zagat Rated Restaurant for over 22 years. Zagat Survey has said Frank’s Steaks has “ Best Skirt Steak on Earth” “Filet Mignon Like Butter” and we are “The Cow’s Meow”


Part of our mystique is the homey atmosphere, theatrical lighting and youthful feelings inspired by the crayons and butcher paper table coverings. The artwork that surrounds the dining room comes right off the tables and has been drawn by our customers. The artwork is always entertaining and usually very creative. We are also known for our big round tables that can accommodate large parties and which promote a fun party atmosphere.


We have many signature items that customers come from all over the country to try. Our marinated Romanian Skirt Steak, our 44 oz Porterhouse Steak, and a Roasted Country Chicken are just a few of them. We have a great reputation for our Prime Aged meats such as our New York Strip Steak, Marinated Strip Steak and our 26 oz Bone-In Strip Steak. Our meats are hand selected by our own butcher who gives us the best center-cut meats from prime aged beef for which we pay a premium price for. This is a big part of the value we offer to our guests.


We also have a signature steak sauce that is so loved by the customers that we are considering packaging and marketing it to the general public.


The Frank’s Steaks logo is always followed with the quote “We Ain’t Just Steaks” and for good reason. We bring in the freshest quality fish straight from the Fulton Fish Market. Our Salmon Filet entrees and Tuna Steak specials are equal to any of the best seafood restaurants around.


Our Shrimp Cocktail is extremely popular because we put five jumbo Ecuador White Shrimp around the rim of a huge goblet filled with lettuce, cocktail sauce and a spoonful of horseradish. A unique and fantastic appetizer is our Cajun Calamari with Cajun Roumalade.
At Frank’s Steaks we also serve an amazing quantity of Teriyaki Chicken Breast and Roasted Chicken, considering that our claim to fame is our steaks. Our Honey Roasted Pecan Chicken is revered by all that try it and our grilled Teriyaki Chicken breast is moist and delicious. We always offer a variety of specials.


No customer can leave Frank’s Steak without trying our Creamed Spinach or Famous Homemade Mashed Potatoes topped with sautéed onions. Plus, we serve very large Idaho Potatoes that are almost too big to believe.


Frank’s Steaks has an extensive wine list that includes many highly rated vintage wines and reserve wines. All of our wines have been well researched and tasted by us to insure their enjoyment and drinkability now. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist in the selection of just the right wine to compliment any meal or occasion.


Frank’s Steaks has a wonderful choice of tap beers, reflecting the current trend and popularity of micro-brews. We frequently offer newly released micro-brews to keep it interesting. Our bottled beer selection includes the most popular brands of domestic and imported bottled beer on the market today. Frank’s beer offerings satisfy the tastes of even the most discriminating beer drinker.


At Frank’s Steaks we are known for our huge dessert portions that can easily be shared by two! It is always fun to see the reaction of our customer when we serve our mile-high triple chocolate cake, our gigantic apple cobbler a la mode or our bottomless bowl of cheesecake. Our desserts are made in-house to insure their freshness and high quality. We encourage you to recommend them as a great way to end a wonderful meal.


We are also known for the professional, courteous and knowledgeable floor staff, beginning at the front door with the hostess/host, and carrying over to the wait staff, bartenders and busboys. Our staff bends over backwards to please our customers. We will try to honor all special requests.

Franks Steaks of Rockville Centre

When the Rockville Centre location of Frank’s Steaks opened up in October of 2002, Chris was right there with it. He worked as a waiter while attending Hofstra University, and in 2004 he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management. Little did he know that first day when he walked in that Frank’s Steaks that he was just where he was meant to be—long term. And he hasn’t looked back since, saying, “Having a career that makes people feel like they’re at home, surrounded by warm and authentic people is the goal. The food and experience speak for themselves.”


After working his way up from waiter to management, today Chris is the Managing Partner and one of three principal owners of the Rockville Centre location of Frank’s Steaks. His passion for the business and creating an elite dining experience for everyone is evident, from the mannerisms in which he treats staff to how he warmly invites everyone in who walks through the doors. They are certain to be greeted and welcomed by Chris.


According to Chris, “I love having a hands-on approach to the restaurant, because I’ll never forget where I came from or how I started in this business.” His philosophy for creating excellence for Frank’s Steaks is to have everyone keep on doing what they do best, while also implementing new ideas that keep up with the trends of modern-day dining. While the restaurant, and Chris himself, are like throwbacks in a modern day world, they are also staples in it. There’s no greater privilege for Chris than being the “Face of Frank’s Steaks”, and spending time with his restaurant family.